Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Hearts....

ooooooooooooo, FREE is great! Almost everything I used on this card-the border punch, the heart stamp set, and the sentiment, I earned for FREE! Gotta love that! It's another SUO card and I really like how it came together. What a fun mix of colors, dontcha think? I the dp is also new, I told you last week, I'm loving the new Sweet Pea paper pack! I'm shocked at myself, I actually used a narrow ribbon. I think it has been close to a year since I've even touched my 1/4 narrow, grosgrain ribbon!!!! It was just the perfect size for this card.
So I have a question for those of you have used the new clear mount stamps by SU. I am so happy about the new option, will not go back to wood mount! I thought their idea with the clear stickers was ingenious before I got the stamps. I was quite disappointed when I put one on and found that they don't cling nearly as well with the sticker on. Was it just me or does anyone else think this? Thankfully I only tried it out on one, but that one stamp falls off the inside of my box and floats around (which totally bugs me!) and a few times after I inked it up and picked the block up to stamp, it fell off the acrylic block! Just checking. Thanks for stopping by today!
Hugs, Lisa


  1. That's too funny about the ribbon. I used some recently for the first time in a long time as well. I like the thicker ribbon now.

    As for the stamps, I think they do cling a little less too, but if you press on them for a little while (I heard someone say 4 seconds - LOL) they have been doing better for me. In fact, they've been upside down in their case, stuck there with longer, firm pressure, for over a week now. What I dislike more about the stickers, personally, is that they don't line up well with the images on the other side. At least mine haven't. I don't have time to sit and trim them to try to get them more exact, so I won't be using them anymore.

  2. This is gorgeous Lisa!!I love the layout and the stitching is just gorgeous!
    I haven't pulled out my narrow ribbon for a long long time- actually I had to use it to tie balloons on my mailbox for Hailey's bday party!! LOL

  3. So pretty Lisa, I love all the hearts.

  4. Bummer to hear about the stickiness issue! Maybe try swiping it with a baby wipe before you attach it to the block? Do you think that'd boost the sticky power? :)

    Love your card, btw, the colors and design are fab!! FREE totally rocks! :)

  5. Love the hearts and stitching and colors- even the narrow grosgrain looks awesome! A fabulous design all the way around.

    My opinion about the clear mounts- I have noticed something odd. And that is, the first three sets I got (during the preorder period for demos) don't stick to the cases. I'm not disappointed in how they cling to the block, but they don't stick to the case. HOWEVER, the two new sets I've received recently stick in the case perfectly- no comparison! I'm not sure why this is but I might call Demo Support to find out.

    Regarding how the stick on the blocks, the only one I've been disappointed in was a tiny sentiment- and it stamped fine, but came off while I was scrubbing it. That's not a huge concern for me. I haven't tried them without the stickers because I LOVE having the image there on the back of the stamp and am willing to tolerate a little inconvenience as long as it doesn't get out of hand. SO I guess I can't really compare how they stick with and without the stickers. What I don't know won't hurt me, right?! LOL!

  6. Hey - great card! Good inspiration for those lovely heart stamps.
    I only added the sticker to the back of one of my clear-mounted stamps, and, as the other posters have noted, a bit more pressure/time is needed. I've used unmounted stamps with ez mount for awhile, though, so maybe I find the stickers a little less necessary than those making the switch for the first time.
    Now I'm unmounting a bunch of my SU sets and storing them in the SU cases to save space -- fun stuff!
    ps - i'm trying out tack it over and over by aleene's for the freshly unmounted sets -- works well so far!

  7. Super Cute Card! I love how everything comes together on this. TFS.


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