Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's here It's here!

Okay, so normally I would never do this but since I have been talking about my BIG order for so long now and anticipating it's arrival I thought I'd continue to share my excitement over it. Plus, I'm proud of the fact that half my stuff was earned for FREE. I got all four boxes together, on the same day!!! Yippee for Mr. Brown. Two of those orders/boxes weren't due for delivery until today, Wednesday. Here is the stack! I then tore into the boxes and here is a shot of the GOODS. Isn't everything so Yummy?!!
Next is the new Big Shot, starter Kit that I ordered and boy is there a lot included! Everything you need to get started. If you make it to my class you'll get to use this baby!
And here are the first cuts I made with the Big Shot. I used the Bigz Dies (Top Note and Scalloped envelope) to create these two fun elements. I seriously was like a little kid and was excitedly looking around for something to cut. I used a piece of cardboard from the packaging of the die(did you know the Big Shot can cut through 50-some different types of material?). It is like chipboard, so I thought, why not?!

I then grabbed a piece of scrap dsp I had near by (I've been working on a little gift for someone using the retired, Linen prints dsp) and I cut out that cute little scalloped envelope. I just love it. By the time I finished opening the boxes and putting the Big Shot to use my fun had to end. Tim came home with the boys (they were at the pool) and the baby woke up from his nap. I put my stamps together (and I can't tell you how HAPPY I am with the new sets all being die cut-yippee!!! such a time saver) last night while watching some of the Olympics. We were actually watching recorded events from the night before. Anyone else think the tie-breaking rule for gymnastics is ridiculous? Poor Nastia, she deserved that GOLD, too!
Enjoy your day! I hope to be back later with a little eye candy of a project or two.



  1. Look at all your goodies!!! I have a shipment of 10 boxes coming today and I can't wait!!!! It is all my orders from my hostess appreciation day and I should have 3 more coming tomorrow. Hopefully I will get ALL of them today like you did!!!! Have fun playing because I know I will!!

  2. Wowzer! That puts my *little* order to shame! hee! hee!

  3. Oh, I wish I had four nice boxes like that coming my way! Maybe after my open house this weekend... *fingers crossed*


  4. WOWZER!! One lucky gal you are!! :) My order came in ONE really small box! teehee!!


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