Thursday, May 29, 2008

NVR-what does it mean?

Did you figure it out? I think I talked about this term in a previous post, but for those who don't know, NVR stands for No Vendor Requirements. The other GSG swap I joined this month was a Show your Stuff, NVR swap. We could use any paper, stamps, ink, and embellishment we wanted. I love to do these every now and then because it gives me another excuse to use the non-SU stuff I'm slowly accumulating. Here is the card I did.
Hobby Lobby runs a sale on their designer paper (ds), 4 for $1, every now and then. I have SO MUCH ds paper that I really don't need any more, but sometimes when this sale is running I feel the need to get more. I've had this ds paper for over 6 months and have never touched it (see, this is why I don't need anymore, I don't use all of what I have). The paper is from My Minds Eye and I love it, so I got to use it here. The stamp set is Papertrey Ink, Out on a Limb. I even got to use some of SU's last years In Color cs, Buckaroo Blue. I paired that with soft sky and choc. chip and created this beautiful color combo! I added some brown Prima flowers, some dew drops, and even some stickles to the berries on the branch. It is so fun to show off my stuff!
Random thoughts about swap cards. Do you swap? If you do then you can probably relate, maybe not. Maybe I'm the only one who experiences these swap hurdles.
1) Don't you hate it when you think you measure your ribbon correctly, cut it all only to realize you are a bit short to even tie a decent knot?
2) Along the same lines, don't you hate it when you don't have the amount of cs you need to complete the card? Yes, I usually check this before I start the project, but I was sure I had enough textured soft sky cs. When it came down to it, I was short by 4 card fronts and had to improvise and make my own faux-textured cs (I used my canvas background stamp and ink it in versamark to create a subtle pattern on the sky piece). Can you see it on the right side of this picture?
3) Do you ever plan a project based on the number of brads you have left, in a not-as-popular of a color. As I used up the rest of my bashful blue brads on the other swap card, I am left with all of the Apricot brads from the soft subtle pack. I'm thinking I need to incorporate this color into my next project.
and last thought for now,
4) Do you ever cut cs pieces twice? I do my swap card assembly style. I cut all my cs first, then stamp, then assemble. Sometimes I get distracted in the middle of one of my steps and when I get back to it, I've been known to double cut one of my pieces. Like on the card I posted yesterday, I double cut the little 1 3/4 inch kraft squares. Now what to do with the extras? Guess I need to pair them with my apricot brads ;)
Okay, enough rambling for today, but before I do does anyone know what this card is missing? Can you believe it? Leave me a guess, and I'll tell you tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the chocolate flower! I ran out of ribbon this time- good job improvising with the canvas stamp!!

  2. I can guess... it's missing your ribbon! It looks great without it though! (Unless, of course you're referring to your favorite pumpkin pie- I don't see any of that either!)

    This is awesome though- love it! And I can probably answer yes to almost all of your questions!

  3. It doesn't have any ribbon! And I think I have done all the things you mentioned as swap hurdles too! So my next project will be using green galore or brilliant blue brads, lol!


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