Friday, May 30, 2008

Here's one for Crystal

Here's another quick post, we're off to T-ball, but my good friend and stamp-shopping cohort, Crystal has been bugging me (in a nice, excited way) to get a card uploaded made with my new Copic markers. Yes, I did it, I caved and actually bought some. They are everything I expected! I had to place orders with two different online stores to find the colors I wanted in stock. I got my first 12 markers yesterday. This was my first image I colored and I think it turned out pretty good if you don't look too close at Billy's hair line. LOL! My colors are limited until my other 14 markers show up here hopefully next week. So here it is Crystal, just for you! Thanks for all your enabeling!


  1. heeheee!! I LOVE it!! I love the cash in hands which we don't have because we just paid for convention (and our copics)!!!

    Your stamp-shopping Matey,
    Crystal :)

  2. Well, you did fabulous with your colors on hand! This is really cute, and I'll just ignore Billy's hairline, lol! I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't said anything.


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