Friday, April 18, 2008

What I know best

I debated about posting this card only because of the reason for which I created it. I didn't want to get too personal with this blog since it is for creative inspiration, but sometimes it is unavoidable. This is one of those times. Remember I told you inspiration can come from anywhere. Well aside from the fact that this is the other NEW set I earned during SAB, I was inspired to send out a card to my brother. We aren't very close (just two very different people, which surprises most people, even me, since we are twins) and I have a hard time talking to him. We lead very different lives and lately he has been struggling (truthfully it's been going on for some time, it has only been recently he was forced to face his problem and deal with it head on) with a drug problem. He has been clean and sober for 6 months. I know it has been hard for him and I think 6 months is a great thing. So back to the card, this was the only way I knew how to tell him I was proud of the steps he has taken in the last 6 months. I have a hard time picking up the phone to talk to him, but hey, I can whip up a card and write something sappy and feel good about it. It's what I do best. I think it will make him feel good too!
I used some scraps of the Jersey Shore paper I was working with yesterday and adhered the strip to the bottom of the bashful blue card base. This is another square card. I also paper pieced the birdie (love that with this set) and then used a punched out small oval template to sponge in the bashful blue spot the birdie is standing on. Learned that little trick from someones blog, so thanks for the tip :) Tied the whole thing together with some double stitched wasabi grosgrain ribbon. Stamps:A little Birdie Told Me CS: bashful blue,confetti white,Jersey Shore ds paper, textured wasabi Ink: pallet noir, bashful blue Accessories: sm oval punch, wasabi double stitched ribbon, sponge dauber


  1. Lisa, you are very sweet to make this for your brother! That is a huge accomplishment, and I can totally understand your hesitation (maybe not the right word) to call him. The card might even mean more to him since he can hold on to it and look at it and read your sappy note :) whenever he needs a lift! Thanks for sharing your story and great card!!

  2. That is so great he took those steps and I am sure it will mean a lot to him that you took the time to make a card and to recognize his accomplishiment!!
    I love how you did the bird with the dsp. Cute!

  3. Precious card! Love the litle blue shading underneath the birdie and the paper piecing on the birdie! Very thoughtful of you to send it to your brother, I'm sure he'll appreciate it!

  4. Great card - perfect for the occasion.
    I sure know about family members choosing different paths! It can be so hard for everyone involved. We are going thru it also.
    Good for you for encouraging him.


  5. Good for you reaching out to him in the best way you know how! My family has been going through something very similar with my little brother and he too is on the good side. Congrats to your brother for being sober for six months!!

    Love the card too!!

  6. Your card turned out great and I know how it is to not be that close to your siblings and hard to talk to them. I know he will love this card and love you for sending it to him during this time in his life. Take care!!

  7. Enjoyed perusing your your creations..........this one is so neat and for such a great purpose. I sure hope your brother hangs in there and glad that you are reaching out to him in whatever way works for you. Life is short. joyk (scs)


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