Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Duty calls!

Jury duty that is. I am scheduled for jury duty this week and was not needed today, but tomorrow is a different story. I must report at 10:30am and I am really nervous about it. Not so much about being a juror (I haven't actually been chosen for a case yet, but there is the chance), but nervous about leaving my family. If I get called to a case, I just worry about the boys. I do it all for them and they are used to our schedule. They will be in good hands, my MIL is going to be with them while Tim is working, but I hate surrendering control over to someone else. With that being said, this may be my last post for the week. I hope not, but you never know.

I went to a crop this past weekend and was able to complete 8 whole pages for my scrapbook. I had never been to one and it was a hard thing for me to figure out what to pack. I am so used to just sitting down and having everything at my disposal. If I change my mind about a color combo, I can easily just grab what I want. When you are away from home, you are stuck. So I spent to afternoon tweaking a few of the things on a few of the pages. This page was one of them. I had used the kraft as my base and added faux stitching with my white gel pen. As I kept looking at the page it just wasn't working for me. I know I said I don't sweat the small stuff, but I kept looking at my Janome sew mini and thought I should try to stitch for real around the edge of the page. I did and I actually was able to sew in a relatively straight line and do my corners fairly well (yeah, I know you can't even see it from this photo, but trust me it is there and it looks good!)

I got my machine for Christmas and after I changed out the thread one time I just haven't been able to get the tension right. It has been frustrating to me lately to sew on cards or pages. Not today! I liked it so much I then trimmed off the faux stitch marks and then mounted the Kraft base on to a 12x12 sheet of Tempting turquoise. I love how it looks now. I also added the extra little photo corners to the pictures.

Have a great Tuesday!

Stamps: Well Worn alpha, simple serif mini alpha Ink:Real red kraft CS: Kraft,Tempting Turquoise, Real Red, Accessories:white gel pen, photo corner punch, janome sew mini, cutter tool kit


  1. Wow glad you got so many pages finished. I really like how you highlighted the letters in the title. Good luck with Jury duty ;)

  2. WOW, I like how it looks too! Very cool- I'm ashamed at how little I've used my sewing machine I've had for about 18 months now!


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