Monday, April 6, 2009

I was Inspired to do more Green!

Okay, so I decided to jump in and show you one more Green Project today. I was cleaning up the boys craft table and was once again annoyed by all the pencils and markers falling all over the table. Do you have pencils coming out of your ears? I do, it seems that pencils are the little "goodies" to pass out at school. Since there are no food items allowed (due to food allergies), all the kids bring in little goodies bags for their birthdays and they always contain decorative pencils. I have been storing them in a few different plastic cups but they are so unstable and fall over all the time.
So I re-purposed an empty oatmeal container. I cut it down a bit and wrapped it with some fun October Afternoon (the nightlight collection is soooo cute for kids!). I didn't like the inside top of decorated container, so I added some fun wide ric rac to help hide the ugliness.I kept this very simple, and I know the concept isn't new. But come on, to be honest this is just a pencil holder for my boys and I didn't want to "waste" any of my precious supplies to pretty it up! LOL! They think it is spectacular and I'm happy that the pencils aren't all over the table anymore! See you tomorrow with a fun CAS card or two. I'm off to do a little distressing!

More Hugs, Lisa