Sunday, April 19, 2009

CAS or Not?

There has been some interesting convo over on SCS regarding this topic. CAS stands for Clean and Simple. I use the term all the time. I like to think I am more CAS than not. With saying that, there are plenty of cards I make that don't fit this category. The definition of CAS is really open to individual interpretation. AJ started this thread yesterday and there is a lot of good input. AJ refers to it as Less is More. I like to think this is how I often create. Most of my cards are quick to make, I don't spend a lot of time on them simply because I have to be fast. The time I get to stamp each day is limited. I don't have an hour to spend on 1 card. Often times I have been thinking about the cards or projects I'll be making long before I actually get to sit down and stamp. I guess I have most of the creative process complete before I sit down. CAS, I think, is the overall look of a card-not a lot of layers or embellishments, one or two main colors, and a main focal point. I made this card yesterday and labeled it CAS. It didn't take me long to create and there are not a lot of layers. I guess it is my version of CAS. I'm sure there are many that would NOT classify this as CAS. See, there is a lot of grey area to this definition. Of course to me, the TRUE creators of FABULOUS CAS cards are Julie Ebersol, Kristie Lee Hersch and Kristina Werner, even Nichole Heady. So I ask you, What is your definition of CAS? Is this card CAS or not? Food for thought on a dreary Sunday! Hugs, Lisa


  1. Lol, I've been reading the recent threads on this topic too. I dunno, I just do what I like, label most of them CAS, and go on my merry way, teehee.
    I love this card, the turtle is adorable!

  2. I love your concept! I am a CAS scrapper/cardmaker too..
    I rarely have cards in mind before I sit down with my stuff.. LOL I just grab a bit of this and that.. and it usually comes together quickly! I love loads of color.. I love the simpleness best myself!
    We're both the same in that way!

    I don't like to THINK too much when I'm doing layouts or cards.. I just let it flow and come together!

    hugs bonnierose in Fargo

  3. I totally agree that CAS is up for interpretation. Sometimes my cards I consider CAS more because of the lack of "stuff & layers" than the overall look, other times I think you could have several layers but STILL be very CAS depending on the amount of white space on the layout. Either way, I think this is so cute and very CAS!

  4. Thanks for pointing me to the thread--some very interesting ideas going on there. Love the colors on your card!


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