Friday, December 9, 2011

The "a" Returns!

Finally! I was so excited to show you my layout again with the correct By The Letter  "a" included with it. I was "keeping it real" when I showed it to you all on release night.  When you work really hard on something and end up being really proud of it, only to find out that a small detail was going to hold you back, well....I went ahead and shared it anyway with the "stand-in" letter.

Now that my new set of dies arrived and I cut out the "a" and added it back in, I wanted to show it again. Just I said, I LOVE how this one came out. Thanks to all the Brand Spankin' New Product now available in the MFT Boutique. Happy Friday!

You can see the orginal post HERE!


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  1. Stunning.... I just love scrapbooking. I do a lot, just don't post it... Love your page and your rightfully should be proud of it. Only those of us who scrap know just how much time and love goes into each page we create.


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