Monday, November 10, 2008


I am not the Queen of it. I'll admit it. Take a look in my craft room and you would see what I mean. But let me add that I do know where everything is and I like it that way. Yesterday morning I was came across this thread in the Unity forum and I felt inspired to organize my unmounted rubber (which is all my Unity stamps). I have been spoiled by SU and the great plastic cases all of the sets come in. If you have stamps from Unity then you know they come in the cutest little brown organza bags. I've started to accumulate quite a bit of them and my draw was getting a little full. I have to pull out almost every bag to find the set I want to use. It was starting to get annoying. Thanks to Natalie's (Dougnut) find at Target I knew I had to make a trip there to check them out. (I just tried to find a link to them online and couldn't find it.) It is a green little case and it is called a Scrapbook Activity Case. The best part is they are only $1.99!! I felt a bit liberated once I put my stamps in the case. I went from this mumbled, jumbled drawer to these two compact and organized green cases. I kept the sets together and then attached the lables to the outside of the green case with Dotto (just in case I need to rearrange my stamps some day). My store only had two, so I need to check out the other local Target for a few more. For now, I am quite happy! Want to know the other good things about getting organized, I will get a FREE Unity stamp out of it. For every 10 organza bags you return to Unity, they will give you a FREE stamp. How cool is that! It is a win, win for everyone!! Thanks for listening to me ramble, but I thought this might help someone else out there. There are other great ideas people posted on that thread, so if you are interested in seeing what others do check out the thread. Happy Monday! Hugs,


  1. Oooh! Thanks for the tip! I will have to check these out!

  2. Thanks Bunches...Ok so I'm heading out to Target....right now!!!!

  3. Wow! Great idea! I'm definitely going to run to Target and check those out!


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