Saturday, August 27, 2011

10,000 FANS!!! Time for Celebration!

40% off SALE INFO: 


Runs Through Sunday August 28th, Midnight

What's included and What is not.

BRAND NEW RELEASES are exclusive to stores - you will not even see prices by those - they are not included. Kits that are ALREADY DISCOUNTED or marked ON SALE are not included. Marah, Feature Friday, Bundles, etc. - and that is all! Everything else is FAIR GAME for the 40% off! :) Oh! ONE MORE THING -  - NEW KIT OF THE MONTH SIGN UPS...NOT INCLUDED. :) PAST Kit of the Months - INCLUDED. :) - ONE discount coupon per visit, duplicate coupon offers will not be honored.

DISCOUNT CODE must be entered to qualify for your 40% off :   FBFAN - all caps, no spaces. Enjoy Shopping - Please email me if you have any questions! - SHOP FAST this sale is for a VERY LIMITED TIME!

Become a FAN of Unity on FACEBOOK - Vote for the images that will be in the NEWEST UNITY RELEASE!  Click HERE and hit the LIKE button - then search the wall for the picture above to place YOUR VOTE!

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