Saturday, December 27, 2008

Scrap Happy!

Here are a few layouts I did up over the past few weeks. I'm still working my way through the boys birthday pictures from last year. I'm feeling the pressure to get them done since their 2009 Birthdays are just around the corner. Yes, we just celebrated Christmas and now I am gearing up for Joshua's day on the 8th of Jan. MORE PRESENTS! Where-O-Where will we put them? Then Ryan and Nicholas (and me, too) have theirs a month later. This first layout is from Nicholas's 1st birthday and my 33rd! We share the same birthday and I think it is the best!
This next page is just one I wanted to capture on paper. Tim said something the other day that just stuck with me. Ryan is our middle child and he is so lucky because he has 2 Best Friends. He truly is best friends with both of his brothers. He has a unique and special bond with each of them. It is so fun to see the differences in his bond with each of them. It is cool to see him be such a Big Boy when hanging out with Joshua (his older brother) but then turn around and act like a little kid when doing stuff with Nicholas (his younger brother). I just eat it up!

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the weekend!

Hugs, Lisa


  1. Gorgeous layouts and fabulous memories to keep!!

  2. I envy you for taking the time for scrapping. These pages turned out really cute!

  3. What great pages! Cute pics of course. Love the stars on the first one, and what a great story for the second one!


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