Monday, December 15, 2008

Mail Day

This is the mail pile I had going last week. I thought it was fun staging for my Christmas card. I mailed out around 63 and then hand delivered about another 12 cards. I love making my cards, but I am also soooo relieved when they are done and out the door! Here is a close up of the card. It was nice and simple to put together. Quite a few steps to put it all together, but it was nothing tedious, like coloring or embossing. I think the top note die is just the right touch! Keep scrolling down and I added a picture of what the inside of the card looks like. I always include a picture of the boys in my card and I do nothing fancy to attach it. I simply cut down the 4x6 picture and adhere it to the inside flap of the card. I do use a repositionable adhesive, so it can be removed from the card if need be. Happy Monday!

Hugs, Lisa


  1. You brave woman, you!!!! 73 cards!!! They are so very elegant!

  2. These are beautiful! I'm beginning to think I'm not going to get mine done. Still waiting for the family pics from the photographer.

  3. Beautiful cards! What a relief to get them all done and out the door right? Wish I was done...well, with the majority anyway. The rest are hand deliveries so I can get away with an extra few days!!


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