Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A few more layouts!

Do you have BIG plans for New Year's Eve? Nothing big here, but we will be spending the evening with some good friends and that is big to me. I am sure we will be snug in our beds well before midnight, and that is fine with me too! Tim is working today and tomorrow and has to be up early so that means an early night for us. Plus the baby will be ready for bed by 9, 9:30 anyway. What ever you may be doing tonight, keep safe and have fun!
How funny is this page? It just makes me giggle at how silly the boys can be. Nicolas walked around for a long time with this bucket on his head, just cracking himself up and everyone else that was there, too! The layout came from Amy. It was a quick and easy one, love those. Check out here blog here. This next one was the wrap up of Joshua's birthday.

See you in 2009! Thanks for a fabulous year!

Hugs, Lisa


  1. I think there is just something about buckets that kids have to wear them. I have a layout of my little girl doing the same thing!! Fabulous layouts!!

    Happy New Year to you!!

  2. GIRL, I NEED you here with me to get me going! Awesome pages, you are so on a roll!! Rock on! Happy New Year's!

  3. Those pages are too darn cute!

    I looked for your challenge card but didn't see it :( If you add the keyword tsg02 in you upload keywords (for SCS) I'll be able to find it. Thanks for playing along!

  4. These are SO cute, Lisa! How fun and cute!


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