Friday, August 6, 2010

TSG-just because it is so cute!

Yep, I'm totally in love with this new set by There She Goes. It was from the new release last week and it's called Puppy Love. I think the new artist, Torico is a fabulous addition to TSG. Love her style and can't wait to see what else she brings out. I used some bright and fun dp, Delovely by Cosmo Cricket. I need a little sunshine in my week. You can't really see it well, but the purple blob in the corner is actually a very pretty felt rolled flower. I hand cut my felt leaves and finished it off with some orange rhinestones.

I know I am not usually wordy and don't drag you into my pesonal life too often, so if you want to stop reading you can. I won't be offended.
It's been a whirl wind of a week for me, full of emotion and lots of sadness. Not that I'm looking for a pity party, but man, when it rains it pours. My mom's birthday is today and she is spending the day at her best friend's funeral. I hate that I live 4 hours away and can't be there with her today. Happy Birthday MOM and know that I'm with you in spirit as you say good-bye to your dear friend, Judy!
My little guy lost his fish this week too. Weird, but I guess my mom's friend needed a pet, and Swimmy was called home to the Lord, too.
Then, if my week couldn't be any worse, we found out that my friend who is fighting breast cancer, had a PET scan and they found a spot on her lung! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! Her oncologist is hopeful and says with the way it looks, it probably isn't cancer, BUT, they will biopsy it anyway. Praying for good news with that!
I'm looking for some goodness and a happier week to come! One day at a time. I'm dealing with it and thank God I am a positive person. I'm turning all this negative energy into postive energy and working my booty off!. I started painting my living room. Got the trim done and am ready to start the walls. WOW! what a great fresh coat of white trim paint will do to a room. I'm ready to take on my whole house. It's going on 12 years old and ALL the trim needs some fresh paint. Plus, I've been busy, busy crafting! Love this hobby and all the work I have to do for it! Okay, I'm done! Enjoy the weekend. I'll see you back here on Sunday for our first {ippity} sneak peak! Yippee!



  1. Your card is darling Lisa!! Too cute! So sorry to hear about what's going on...hang in there! (((HUGS)))

  2. This is just TOOOOO Cute!! I love it!!

  3. Oh Lisa, I'm sorry to hear about all the sadness! What a rough way for your mom to spend her birthday. And a hard life lesson that your babes are learning losing their beloved fish. Hang on to the hope for your friend that the biopsy will indeed show the spot on her lung is not cancer! After reading all that I had to go back to remember what your card looked like... so sweet it is though, and full of sunshine and happiness! Hang in there dear!

  4. I can't wait to get this stamp set..Jess has it on it's way to me!!! WOOHOO!!! Honey, stay positve and we are here for you!


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